秋裤的英文为什么是Long Johns?
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  Every winter, when the temperature plummets to new lows and everyone begins to layer up, the classic joke about pulling out Long Johns from the cedar closet inevitably starts to make the rounds。


  While the long ridiculed Long John may be little more than a punch line, today the history of the Long John is actually quite illustrious and fascinating. Here’s a quick look at three things you probably didn’t know about Long Johns。


  Long Johns for women were first used to create a slimmer look。


秋裤的英文为什么是Long Johns—深圳零基础英语培训学校哪里好

秋裤的英文为什么是Long Johns

  In the late 1800s, the Long John was a wardrobe staple for the Victorian era woman. In a time when a woman’s waist was of the utmost importance—as noted by the popularity of the corset—Long Johns helped women wear fewer undergarments to keep warm, in turn making their waist lines appear slimmer。


  Today, modern layers are made with poly-blend fabrics that allow warmth without the bulk. In addition, collections such as women’s Fleecewear with Stretch and SportLayer are also equipped with features like colorblocking and forward seaming to create slimmer, contoured looks。

  如今的秋裤由混合聚酯生产,而且能够锁住温度。另外,女装Fleecewear 旗下的Stretch 和SportLayer秋裤也开始用撞色风格,而且未来的缝制工艺能创造更苗条,更显曲线的效果。

  Some say the name “Long John” traces back to a boxing ring。


  John L. Sullivan was an American heavyweight champion who began his career in the late 19th century, during the bare-knuckle boxing era. Famous not only for his fighting style, Sullivan was known to sport a one-piece union suit (a long sleeve garment that buttoned up in the front with a convenient hatch in the back。) As the story goes, this attire became his trademark and the union suit became known as the “Long John。”


  Chances are you won’t catch modern day boxers, or any athlete for that matter, practicing in long underwear but that doesn’t mean that today’s performance base layers—like our Men’s ClimateSmart collection—didn’t take their cue from the union suit。


  Long Johns were a soldier essential during World War II。


  A staple of the American soldier’s uniform, Long Johns kept our boys on the front lines warm during harsh weather conditions. However, being designed in wool, they did pose problematic. At times, the garments kept the soldiers almost too warm, causing them to sweat excessively。


  The fabric also made for itchy skin, adding to the discomfort. As the use of these garments increased among the public at home, these issues became more of a challenge and the long road to finding the right fabrication began, with manufacturers testing fibers from luxurious silk to lasting buckskin。


  Today, layers are often designed with moisture wicking fibers for added comfort and warmth. Cuddl Duds not only feature wicking fabrication in some of their collections but also design details like moisture wicking waistbands, breathable mesh panels, and odor control for both men and women; to keep you dry, cool, and cozy。

  如今,生产秋裤时常使用吸湿排汗的纤维材料,这样可以增加秋裤的舒适度和保暖度,Cuddl Duds不仅仅在他们的产品里加了吸湿排汗的纤维材料,还为男女款设计了吸湿排汗腰带、透气性好且防异味;这会让你保持干燥,凉爽,舒适。

  However antiquated the idea of Long Johns might seem, most of us are a wearing a design evolution of them when we layer up or down throughout the year. So, the next time someone pokes fun at long underwear, join the conversation and impress them with your newfound knowledge。